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    with Karen Davis King

  • Transformational Coaching


    Going through a divorce?

    Desiring more self-control and groundedness in dealing with parenting issues?

    Are you longing to connect with and enjoy your body like never before?

    Want to re-enter the dating scene like a boss?

    Want to express your most authentic version of yourself on your own terms?



    Coaching for Women and Men in Transition

    6 Week Package

    - 1-hour sessions each week

    - 1 email follow-up/check-in per week

    - Payment Option: One-time payment only


    3-Month Package

    - 1-hour sessions each week

    - 1 email follow-up/check-in per week

    - Bonus audio practices/meditations throughout the course for additional support

    - 1 1/2 hour bonus follow-up session, 30-60 days after completion

    - Payment Option: Save by paying a one-time payment or divide payments into 3 monthly installments

    Events/Classes and Coaching for Adults

    Karen also offers a variety of classes, workshops, speaking engagements and events for adults or corporate groups upon request. Anything from Ladies Night Dance Parties to Breath Work Classes to Self-Care Workshops.


    Contact Karen to schedule coaching sessions, customize your event or create a unique experience at your place of business, community group, etc.


    Online Course coming soon!

  • When was the last time you did it purely for the passion? If your fitness isn't fun, then why are you doing it?

  • Discover how Karen can help you FIND YOUR GROOVE...

    Your Fitness Master "Peace"

    Putting the Fun Back Into Fitness


    The fitness industry has become quite shaming and often dictates for others what their goals should be. This masterclass is not about achieving the perfect body. This is about putting the fun and joy back into exercise routines and diets, inspiring self-love and compassion towards self and others, as well as creating optimal mind, body and spiritual health that's right for YOU.


    These masterclasses explore creative expression and inspire fun while also participants moving and relieving stress. They can be packaged as a regular 1 hour fitness class or as a mini 1 and 1/2 hour workshop that can be brought to your location or school on a weekly basis, ending with a short inspirational and interactive message on health-related topics that promote physical and emotional nourishment.

    The GROOVE Master Class

    The GROOVE (created by Misty Tripoli) uses a wide variety of dance and music genres to get people moving. The steps are ridiculously simple and easy to follow. ANYONE can do this class, regardless of whether or not you have any dance experience! Participants can expect to have the most fun possible on a DanceFloor while boosting self-esteem, expanding creativity, and relieving stress.


    Weekly Classes Open to the Public:




    POUND @ 12:30pm - RISE Well-being Center (Reston, VA)

    GROOVE @ 6:30pm - RISE Well-being Center (Reston, VA)




    POUND @ 9:00am - Salamander Resort & Spa, Middleburg, VA


    Contact Karen to schedule a private class.

    POUND Master Class

    POUND is where Rock-n-Roll meets fitness! This is a high-intensity class using fun choreography with slightly weighted drumsticks to create one of the healthiest ways ever for youth to blow off steam. No one could have more fun burning up calories and teenage angst! As a consistent part of a weekly workout routine, participants will improve physical strength, balance, and stamina while also increasing self-esteem, brain development, and body awareness.


    Weekly Classes @ Salamander Resort & Spa, Middleburg, VA. Wednesdays @ 2:30pm and Sundays @ 9am (classes will be open to general public beginning March 2018!)


    Contact Karen to schedule a private class.

  • Level II Reiki Healing

    Karen received her Reiki Level II Certification through Lotus Wellness Center in Manassas, VA in 2017. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” on the client’s body with the intent to channel energy through their system to remove blockages, toxins and clear energy centers to promote health and vitality. Reiki also helps with emotional issues such as addictions, depression, anxiety and fear. During the session, the client remains full clothed.

  • Her name is

    Karen Davis King

    and she is here to start an



    The Human Experience is a gift and yet many of us are less than thrilled about being fully present in our bodies and going about everyday life. It is Karen's highest goal and mission to see every human being become a "pro" at living their life exactly as they were meant to live it. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for an authentic life.


    Karen is a Mind/Body/Spiritual Rockstar and Professional Human who combines her certifications in Eating Psychology, Sexuality, Love and Relationship Coaching, Life Experiences, Reiki and Dance/Fitness Classes to bring out the best in individuals. Her passion, energy and love of people are appreciated qualities among her clients.


    Karen is also a recreational drummer, spoken word poet, writer and a mother of two amazing teenage daughters. She and her daughters connect on a deep level through music, dancing, concerts/festivals, ridiculous humor and many forms of art.




    - Gretchen (Charmed Cardinals)

    "Karen exemplifies the true meaning of self! She has a unique ability to bring that out in you too! Her desire to have you feel the beauty that is within you is extraordinary. Even the most timid comes alive in her workshops.”


    - Rae Roach (Women Helping Women)

    "What I love most about Karen is how she celebrates everything about the women she's working with. If I'm excited about how my ass looks in a pair of jeans, she's right there shouting, "Work it!" When I need to share something I feel vulnerable about, she holds a space that helps me know even my darkest self is worthy of love and acceptance, and that there is no shame in needing help. Karen helps me feel seen and supported.”


    -Christina Ammerman (Zenquility)

    "Karen is an exceptional coach and extraordinary human. Her ability to lean in, be vulnerable and listen with her heart makes her unique and what makes her truly extraordinary is her empathetic way of relating her own experiences to others. She uses her past, the things that have made her grow in uncomfortable ways, to help guide those she coaches to new possibilities, new experiences and ultimately freedom. She is willing to go deep into vulnerability and shows the world how beautiful and safe our vulnerabilities truly are. She looks for what matters most to you as a person, leans into the discomfort and guides you on a unique journey to the other side of your desires. All the while standing in possibility, encouraging you to let go of the past and embrace the essence of you! She is a GIANT Sequoia in a forest of poplar trees."


    - Trish Kapinos (Joy Rising)

    "Karen is passionate about sharing her love for spiritual growth. The Dance With Your Dark Side workshop gave us personal freedom to explore our feelings about a space often not discussed in public. We felt safe and cared for, and went through a variety of breathing and physical practices that provided insights and confidence. Karen is a beautiful soul, and her workshop was a valuable experience."


    - Dori

    "Karen King is a dynamic and powerful healer who uplifts and empowers women to reach their highest potential. She is a source of happiness, power and sheer excitement and she brings it all to her events!"


    - Uma (Lotus Wellness Center)

  • Why Self-Care Matters...


    There's more to Karen's story! Check out her short feature video from the 2017 Global Winspiration Day!

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